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AZ Best Tire stocks nearly every size of new tire and we have over 20,000 used tires in just about every brand and size. When you can't afford to purchase a brand new tire, why not check out our large inventory of used tires. Our used tires are of the highest quality and we provide free lifetime flat repairs, rotations and balances. Stop by AZ Best Tire for the best used tires in the Glendale and Mesa areas.

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Short on cash but need tires? Used tires are a great option. Used tires have the ability to save you $200 or more on a set of four tires. Used tires average in price from $35 per tire installed, depending on brand, condition, and quantity. With thousands of used tires in stock every day we have many of the hard to find brands and sizes in stock. Since we warranty all of our used tires you can be assured that we do our best not to sell tires that shouldn’t be put back on the road. We don’t want to waste our time or yours by swapping tires under warranty. Be mindful though that used tires are USED and we buy in such quantity that we have no way of knowing why the tire was taken off of a vehicle in the first place; this is why we offer a 60-Day full road hazard warranty, lifetime balance, rotation and flat repairs on all of our used tires.

Do we not have what you are looking for? Check back with our stores often as we bring in used tires several times per week. Used tires are at a premium and come and go quickly!

Used Tire Warranty

All USED tires are sold USED and AS-IS. Tires have a limited 60-Day Road Hazard Warranty. If customer does not have new valve stems installed warranty is voided. AZ BEST TIRE LLC inspects all used tires before install for any defects. Customer is aware that USED tires sometimes have hidden defects. Customer does not hold AZ BEST TIRE LLC responsible for any damage caused by a defective used tire. AZ BEST TIRE LLC is only responsible for replacing used tire purchased with warranty issue. AZ BEST TIRE LLC does its best to replace tires with identical tires, but is limited to used tires currently stocked. If a used tire the same size can’t be found AZ BEST TIRE LLC will refund the cost of tire needing replaced. All used tires come with 1-Year free flat repairs, balance, rotations and air checks.

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